1HostelMedical FeeMother Care16,0001,0001,00016,0001,000        -19,0001,000         -
IIHostelMedical FeeMother Care7,0001,0001,0007,0001,000          -9,0001,000         -
IIIHostel FeeMedical FeeMother Care5,000          - 1,0005,000          -          -         -         -         -
 TOTAL6,0005,000         -
 GRAND TOTAL PER YEAR 33,000 30,000 30,000
 B.      OTHER LEVIES ON HOSTEL1.       Generator:             Ksh.1,000/= per child (New Comers only)2.       Break Tea:             Ksh.1,500/- per child annually

3.       Pocket money:       Ksh.1,000/= to be deposited at Bursar’s Office per child termly (Cash)

4.       Additional Fee:      Ksh.1,500/= for New comers only. NOTE:       Deposit your cash or cheques on this account:          BANK:        K.C.B Mumias Branch          TITLE:        SISTERS OF MARY HOSTEL                             ST. PETERS BOYS PRIMARY MUMIAS          A/C NO:      1105126862 NOTE:       Cash once paid is neither refundable nor transferable. We do not accept any cash or personal cheques. Deposit on the above account and bring us the deposit slips.  Any cash deposited on Hostel Account meant for School Section and vice versa will not be reconciled whatsoever. The two are completely different Institutions under separate management. Don’t blame us for any eventualities.  HOSTEL REQUIREMENTS1.                 A Mattress 3”2.                 A mackintosh for those who wet beddings3.                 Two blankets, two pairs of Bed sheets4.                 A pair of black shoes, shoe brush and enough shoe polish5.                 2 pyjamas, enough inner wears and white vests6.                 White rubber shoes for P.E and games7.                 Toothbrush and toothpaste8.                 6 rolls of Toilet tissue9.                 3 pairs of grey stockings (Blue striped)10.             A torch and some batteries11.             Stainless plate, a cup and a spoon12.             1 Basin or pail13.             Enough bathing  and washing soap14.             A pair of slippers and a towel15.             A mosquito net16.             A lockable travelling bag and one school bag17.             One small pad lock for the locker18.             One lockable big box for storage.19.             One big Metallic box for keeping his items20.             Weekend Uniform CAUTIONi.                    You are strictly prohibited from carrying any cooked food, Quencher juice and sugar during opening days or any visits. Once found, your son will be suspended from Hostel.ii.                  Label all your son’s items and school uniforms for quick and easy identification.iii.                Parents/Guardians are advised to guide their children on behaviour change.iv.               During opening days, parents are advised to accompany their children and collect them during closing days.v.                 No civilian clothes are allowed in the school or Hostel Section. May I thank all those who have co-operated throughout the year and ask you to do the same in the New Year 2013.  Merry X-Mass and Happy New Year 2013 Yours sincerely,  Sr. Agnes MauloHEADTEACHER 


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